Sunday, October 31, 2010

1st Halloween :)

We had so much fun with our pumpkin this year. Kenneth chose a ghost cut-out that was just perfect. He should really go into the pumpkin carving business. 

We sat on our drive way; passing out candy, getting to know our neighbors better and enjoying the beautiful fall weather. There were so many kids that we ran out of candy!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Livin in fast forward!

This week was extremely busy!

Monday: We had Schlotzsky's over at Kenneth's parents house and watched our weekly episode of Lost (we are currently in the last season!)
Tuesday: I met up with my bible study gals to drink margaritas and have some quality girl time 
Wednesday: Daily Mass and then straight to Kenneth's softball game at Memorial park
Thursday: We went to a ROC happy hour at Malia's house. It was really awesome to meet the candidates running for the CyFair school board and to hear what they believe in. (Don Ryan, John Ogletree, Bob Covey)
Friday: We went to the Prince of Peace Gala for their outreach ministry. It was at the Tomball Grand Pavillion and was really nice! My parents won a wine cooler and 15 bottles of wine in the silent auction. During the live auction we really wanted to win a vacation to Colorado for the family but it went for wayyyy more than we were willing to bid. 
Saturday: We watched the Horns lose horribly. Not the best way to start off the weekend. Afterward to cheer us all up, we went to the Coles Crossing Craft Fair. We got a beautiful cross that has a harvest bounty in the middle of it. We topped the night of by early voting as a tribe and then eating at Kilburn's tavern and dessert at Orange Leaf.
Sunday: Church started us off and then I went to a bridal shower at the Blackhorse Country Club. It was very fun and beautiful there. Kenneth and I wrapped up the weekend by both doing work on our computers (I was grading for the end of the 9 weeks and he was meeting deadlines).

And there you have it. I got tired just writing all of that down. Hopefully this next week will be a little more relaxing :)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Blog Invitation Accepted

The Blogger user Kenneth and Taryn has invited you to contribute to the blog: Kenneth and Taryn.

I decided I would oblige.

Yesterday Taryn and I celebrated our 10 month wedding anniversary as well as four years as a couple. I am incredibly blessed to be married to such an amazing bride!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I really thought I was computer literate.

But turns out I am not. I spent the first 2 hours trying to figure out how to be a citizen of the 21st century and learn how to blog. Still trying to figure out how to change my background to something that I actually like. I even watched a youtube video and I still was lost! Maybe one of my very savvy Bible study gals will hook me up with a quick lesson.

Blog number one under my belt!