Monday, February 21, 2011

fun filled weekend

This past weekend was super packed but also super fun!

We started off Friday night at Whiskey River with some of our bible study friends and had a blast! Kenneth and I had not been to a dance hall in a while, so it was fun to "tear up the dance floor" again. It was Whiskey River's 1 year anniversary, so it was packed but it still had a great atmosphere.  No smoking which is a big plus, but they did charge us $2 for water, not cool. All in all, we had a fantastic time hanging out with friends and dancing. 

Saturday was our nephew James' 2nd birthday party at our neighborhood community center. He had a Curious George themed party, and Sarah Beth did a fantastic job with all of the decorations. There were bananas everywhere, pin the tail on George, George pinata, banana cake, Curious George book favors and even Jack Johnson background music! All of the kids were really excited and had fun. 

Saturday night, Christopher and Jessica joined us to go see Unknown at Silverado. I really like this new movie theater because it is not grungy, has a real restaurant/bar you can eat at,  an ice-cream bar, and unlimited drink/icee refills with the coolest touch drink dispensers. We ordered food to go and ate it in the movie theater while we waited. The movie was good, very similar to Bourne Identity and reminds you of Taken. There was enough action in the movie to keep the boys happy, yet the story line could have used some help. My unprofessional critic rating would be a solid 7. Go see it for a quick thrill, but probably wouldn't buy the DVD.

Sunday Kenneth and I were planing on tackling our storage room and finally turn it into the baby room, however we got majorly sidetracked when we started looking online at cribs and saw that Babies R Us was having a really good sale. So we hopped in our car and headed over to take a look. Kenneth's parents met us to help with the process. After looking at BRU, we decided to also go look at USA Baby, but in the end we went back to BRU and bought a crib and dresser! We really liked our choice and our Baby Book gave this brand an A for overall safety, material used, quality, etc... 
It is the Baby Cache (made by Munire) Heritage Collection in cherry!!!
After the big purchase we went and ate at my parents house, our normal Sunday tradition. My parents had just made a purchase also, they bought an XBox Kinect. We were all dying laughing when we tried to "dance" along. Fortunately, my dad got it all on video tape so they can blackmail us whenever needed. The Kinect is the coolest technology I have ever seen, the way it can recognize your entire body is amazing. 

What a fantastic weekend!


  1. I love the crib!!!! Cant wait to see it! :)

  2. Precious new furniture!!! So excited for y'all. Please enlist me to help decorate in any way! I will paint, hang things, whatever you need :)

  3. Hmmmm! Did I miss something? Please email me and fill me in Mrs. Taryn! We miss you here in Austin!
    Love, Kim, Jillian and Michael