Friday, July 26, 2013

Hey there, meet Josephine!

This post is dedicated to my faithful blog readers, i.e. Leigh.
And maybe the handful of other people who have noticed I haven't posted anything since February...

Drum roll please... We have a new child! Meet Josephine Colette. She is a child of God and we are so blessed beyond words to have her in our lives.

 Seconds after she was born. Kenneth was so happy to have another girl.

I was pretty happy too! To have a girl and to be finished with labor.

Isn't she just lovely? 

She was named after the following people:
My Grandpa Joe 
Kenneth's Grandpa Joe
Jesus's adopted father St. Joseph
St. Josephine, who is a fairly new saint, canonized in 2000 by Pope JPII. Read her inspiring story here

Her middle name, Colette, is after St. Colette. Her story is equally as cool. 

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