Thursday, July 12, 2012

DIY projects

Just so I will be held accountable to something, I am going to post some pictures of projects I would love to do! Does it mean I will ever do all of them? Heavens, no! But I sure am going to try! We shall start off small with only three diy projects.

Inspiration For Moms: I Finished It Friday: Ballard Designs Inspired Beadboard Drying Rack Tutorial
How cool is this? Beats hanging it from the washer lid.
diy....home management binder based on dave ramsey's spending categories. Pin now read later...I'm sure it will be useful!
More organized, you say? Yes! A binder full of all the important docs you ever need!

Bathroom towel hook with mason jar
I have no place to hang my hand towel or toothbrush. Presto! Solution to both problems.