Thursday, July 12, 2012

Hey there!

Long time no blog. It's been a while since I last updated. Recently, I've enjoyed reading and discovering new blogs and spend all my time doing that instead of updating mine. Some of my favorites right now include:      (Catholic woman who is amazing!)             (Very inspirational!)                      (Love her! Doing the frumps to pumps challenge right now!)

I also love fun and sassy blogs, which some of the following are my favs at the moment:   (One of the writers is married to Kenneth's roommate from UT!)                (She has awesome diy ideas!) (Good tutorials for lots of projects!)     (Beauty, fashion, nails, what more do you need?)

Since it has been raining for the past three days straight, we have been stuck inside most of the day. Felicity loves to be outside and since we have not been able to, this is what happened after walking away for a minute. She wanted to check out our movie collection... by throwing them all on the floor! Time to baby-proof the tv console? I think so!

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